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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  September 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. the man who police say shot one of their own and was just steps away from heading across the border is in an oakland court. i'm bob redell, the next time you belly up to a bar in san francisco you might need to bring a little extra change. i'll explain coming up in a live report. and a live look at that bay bridge as traffic streams into the city. folks getting off of that labor day holiday. i'm following an accident at a major interchange showing you how over that holiday traffic is for this morning's commute. time is now 6:00. it is a back to work tuesday this week after many of us enjoyed a long labor day weekend. thank you very much for waking up with us, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm garvin thomas. ria has a quick look at the
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forecast. >> things will be cooling down today. right now, mid 50s. but there is some drizzle ahead in the forecast. i'll have all the details coming up in a bit. the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer is set to appear in an alameda superior court today. christie smith is like in oakland with what's ahead in court for andrew barrientos. good morning. >> reporter: he is expected to answer to the ten felony charges against him including attempted murder. and the stakes are high in this. if andrew barrientos is convicted on all the counts, he could face life in prison. now, investigators say barrientos admitted shooting an officer but says he didn't know the victim was, in fact, police officer todd young of the fremont police department. police say the 20-year-old fired ten shots at plainclothes police officers part of a major crime task force in oakland. they say they were trying to
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arrest him on a domestic violence warrant. young, the father of two, was shot twice in the pelvis. he has undergone three surgeries and is still recovering this morning. 20-year-old andrew barrientos was arrested just feet away from the u.s./mexico border after police say he fled the east oakland shooting scene. a massive manhunt stretched from oakland down to southern california. another man was arrested and charged as an accessory in this. according to police, after the two were arrested, police found a large bag of marijuana and a loaded 9 millimeter pistol in the car. andrew barrientos is due in court in oakland at 2:00 this afternoon. christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. a night on the town could soon cost you a little bit more in one bay area city. bob redell is live in san francisco where the city is talking about charging you more for your next cocktail. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. which could make a night out on
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the town in san francisco more expensive for you and your date. later today the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote on what they're calling an alcohol cost recovery fee. if passed the city would impose a 3 cent tax on each 12-ounce bottle of beer, a 4.5 cent tax on a six-ounce glass of wine, and a 3.5 cent tax on any drink with 1.5 ounces of hard alcohol in it. the new fees would be levied against wholesalers and distributors, but the thought is the costs would trickle down to you, the consumer, whether you are buying a beer at a bar, restaurant or picking up a six pack at a store. the new tax is said to raise $16 million a year for san francisco, money that would help the city recoup costs associated with alcohol abuse. annually almost $18 million is shelled out to cover unreimbursed er visits, am blabs rides, prevention programs and other costs associated with
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taking care of alcoholics. this according to supervisor john avalos. in an e-mail to us he wrote this fee will enable the city to continue the work to make our sidewalks safer and provide hope and dignity for people struggling in the streets and alleys. the city public health director also backs the plan. those in the alcohol and hospitality business are opposed arguing that an extra alcohol tax would hurt business. mayor newsom is also against this, promising to veto this legislation if it comes across his desk. that's assuming there are not eight board supervisor votes becau. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. crews heard a call from a woman just before 10:00 in the san francisco bay that was
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broken up but ended with 10-4, i have a may-day. the coast guard searched the water from angel island north to the richmond-san rafael bridge overnight. they will start with their helicopter search this morning. chuck reed's open government policy will be put to a test tomorrow. the mayor heads a committee which tomorrow will consider two requests to overrule police on the withholding of records according to the "mercury news." one is from a man who says police were wrongly called to his home during a domestic dispute, the other from a man who wants warrant records. this is the same committee that ruled in november to release the 911 tapes in the police shooting death of a mentally ill man. we have new video in this morning from a place that doesn't normally like the world to see bad news inside its borders. scott mcgrew joins us with that story. >> reporter: this is rare indeed. this was shot by south korean
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news agencies, severe flooding in north korea causing widespread damage and shortages in the communist state this is very rare video showing damaged areas after the flooding. we believe the flooding was earlier this month in pakistan and in india as well. this is around the border between south korea and north korea showing people living under tarps and plastic and in shacks as well. apparently fresh water is a real problem. now this is not remarkable video in the sense that this is happening all over. we talked about pakistan and what a disaster that is. it is just unusual to get video of any kind of anything out of north korea. >> thank you very much. a man known as spider dan is facing misdemeanor charges this morning for going from the bottom to the top of a san francisco skyscraper on the outside. dan goodwin took three hours
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yesterday to climb the millennium tower in the city's south of market neighborhood, when he made it to the top, some of the firefighters helped him unfurl an american flag, but after that police detained him for causing a public nuisance and trespassing. goodwin said he did it to raise awareness of cancer and the skyscrapers are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks. chevron this morning is dealing with accusations that it is trying to evade a state environmental law. lobbyist force the company are trying to strike a deal in the capital. chevron is trying to build a refinery in richmond, community groups accuse it of hiding plans to process heavier grades of crude oil which could increase pollution. chevron did not directly answer reporters when asked if they are seeking ab exemption and instead
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say they are reviewing a number of options. >> a wildfire raging through the night in colorado is threatening homes this morning. take a look at these pictures. the fire broke out in a canyon northwest of the city of bolder yesterday. it already destroyed dozens of homes, including some of the homes of the firefighters battling the fire. it has burned more than 3,500 acres. 1,000 homes were evacuated. three air tankers are on scene, and four more will be brought in today. the cause is still unknown. here in the bay area, we are still in the middle of our fire season. ria has a look at the fire conditions here. >> yes, a couple of things that lead to it. generally if there's strong winds which we have not had much of. we had a late rainy season that went through most of may. and our temperatures have been well below normal for the last four, five months or so, that's helped as well. that's why we've been very lucky so far. right now the winds are not bad
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at all, just bit out there, a little bit more than 10 miles per hour in oakland. 60 in oakland. 64 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. we will be mainly in the 70s, possibly some 80s, much cooler than yesterday. part of that reason why is there is a low pressure trough to the north of us. it is going to be heading down south and cooling us off along the bay. more on our weather coming up in a bit. >> thank you very much. time is 6:09. time to check the traffic conditions. mike will take us to a normal hot spot in the east bay. >> a hot spot with or without accidents, usually with. westbound 580 at 680. the earlier accident i told you about, off the shoulder but still a distraction causing slowdowns. you see that slowing now bidding back to where we typically see
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the slow jodowns in the heart o livermore that is causing a general slow drive. the yellow means speeds are consistently below 50 indianapolis minneapolmiles per hour. you can cut through highway 84 that will get you out of the slowdown faster down through sunol if 680 is your drive. here you can see building, no major delays but expect slowing over the next 20 minutes, significant slowing through sunol and lasting through the morning commute. the south bay, a break there now. back to you guys with the slowdown which already started. folks are back to work. >> mike, thank you very much. >> that's a good thing, though. the time is now 6:10. got a question about this year's flu shot? we have an expert in the house this morning. plus an exclusive jailhouse interview with joran van der sloot. what he's saying about accusations that he tried to
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extort money from natalee holloway's parents. and we'll show you the move by t t fois help fishermen. he ellen, what are you doing? just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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angelina jolie is in pakistan to meet with victims of the deadly flooding that left millions homeless. jolie is in the country as a goodwill ambassador. you may have seen her in this psa. new video shows the city still dealing with feet of water as people struggle to find basic needs like food and shelter. new this morning, iran is calling on the world not to make the stoning of a woman to death for adultery a human rights issue. a government spokesperson issued a statement today saying that the public outcry over the punishment is because of false information. the woman still faces charges she was involved in her
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husband's killing but most trials in iran are behind closed doors so it's hard to verify those court proceedings. french, italian and british leaders and even the vatican denounced the sentencing. iran is second to china in executions. at least 346 people were put to death there last year. accused killer and confessed extortionist joran van der sloot said he feels guilty. joran van der sloot said he tried to extort money from natalee holloway's parents to make their life tough for five years. van der sloot confessed to taking the money from the family in return for revealing the
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location of her body. you can see the interview this morning at 7:00 on the "today" show. the flight attendant with the best resignation in history will tell his side of the story to a judge today. steven slater will appear in a new york city courtroom this morning answering to criminal mischief charges for what's been dubbed as a tarmac tantrum. last month the former jetblue employee announced that he was quitting over the p.a. system, grabbed two beers before pulling the emergency chute, sliding down and running away on the tarmac. his lawyers say he's looking forward to his day in court. wall street gets to react to the news that former hp ceo mark hurd has a new job at oracle. >> you had first reported this news yesterday. hurd will become co-president at oracle. wall street was unable to react to that. investors love hurd. the share price of hp increased while he was at hp.
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he cut cost and thousands of peoples jobs which may make oracle workers uneasy. he left after a continue visit over expenses and controversy over a relationship with an hp contractor. >> we will get back to work with futures calling for a bit of a lower open, but finally, what is it, september 5th, 6th, back in the black. hey, the year is starting to look good. >> thank you very much. japanese health ministers and experts are meeting today after the first confirmed case of a drug resistant superbug in the country has been reported. the gene known as ndm1 was found in a japanese man who previously had medical treatment in india. the gene alters bacteria making it resistant to nearly all
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antibiotic antibiotics researchers say the gene is widely circulated in india and has been detected in the united states, australia, canada and the netherlands, sweden and the uk. you probably already noticed flu shot signs around pharmacies and grocery stores, but some people think it might be a little early to be thinking about it. we invited piecediatrician dr. christina halikburton. is it time for the flu shots? >> it's always time for the flu shots. the recommendation is everyone get flu shots now. in order to accommodate children, adults who need flu shots, we need to schedule them now. >> schedule them now because if you are talking about children you can't rush into a local drugstore and get them vaccinated there. >> that's right. you have to be to a pediatrician if you are under 9.
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>> last year the push was for h1n1. we know that season is over. can you do both at the same time? >> are three different strains, including h1n1? >> what are you hearing about that vaccine? >> there is always this which vaccine should we make what we look at is what is the flu activity in the southern hemisphere during this past, their winter. that's what they base the current flu vaccine on. we expect this to be sharp on, hopefully. >> we always hear the flu is dangerous for vulnerable populations, those are your patients. you fight hard to get all the vaccine you need. >> yes. sometimes we get enough, sometimes we don't. small children under 2 and the elderly are at highest risk.
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they need to be vaccinated. people who take care of them need to get the vaccine. >> it's not enough to get the vaccine. if you're the parent and you choose not to, you could still bring it home and get them sick. >> you could. it's always a good idea to vaccinate as many people as we can so we don't get a bad outbreak of flu. you can send dr. hal your questions. we will check our facebook page. look us up. we are at n bshbc bay area morn news. we will try to get them answered. out of work fishermen and businesses effectsed by the huge drop in west coast salmon may get some financial help. the number of king salmon crashed from 770,000 in 2002 to a record low of 39,500 last fall. the u.s. commerce department is looking at a request from the
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governor to extend a 2-year-old federal emergency declaration, which would provide new help for businesses and fishermen who rely on salmon fishing for their livelihoods. efforts to restore bay area wildlife will take center stage today. dianne feinstein will be at the dumbarton bridge today presiding at the first completed habitat restoration project of the south bay salt ponds, it includes a public trail, tens of thousands of birds are expected to flock to the restored salt marsh some 237 acres have been converted into a 30 island bird habitat. all right. the good doctor was asking if she could do traffic next. answering your flu questions, why not. >> exactly. love to have a doctor here. talk about the flu shots, send in your questions now. no question about it, you guys, we have the return of the commute. i showed you earlier the first
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slowing showing up in antioch, now slowing from a street to summersville. we will see that bleed over towards pittsburg and bay point. highway 4, there is the break through concord. take advantage of that if that's where you are heading. nice, smooth drive over the rest of the east bay. walnut creek interchange smooth. 680, 24 smooth. 18, 19 minutes on westbound 80 off the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look out there, lines in the cash lanes. we should see the metering lights turn on any minute now as that volume builds up. the bridge itself moving smoothly, oakland, 880 coming up through the area is picking up in volume. this is northbound past the coliseum. southbound nice, but still slowing towards the 92 interchange there. seeing oakland a game tonight, so slowdowns after work.
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smooth drive past the san mateo bridge. 280 has reopened the bird avenue off-ramp. the golden gate moving smoothly. traffic moving northbound, just two lanes, light drive there. there is your access into the city, a good number of cards heading towards the toll plaza. we'll watch for north bay slowing, but ria is watching for changes and they are there for your morning forecast. back to you guys. bad luck for some kids just trying to catch a baseball game. the giants managed to hurt two of them while at-bat. and it's top ten night on america's got talent, among them 10-year-old jackie evencho. she says she is thrilled to be in the top ten, and despite her age she has worked hard to get to this point. >> i started singing two years ago when i just turned eight years old, but learning the
6:23 am
words aren't very hard because i don't know if this is the reason or not, but i'm a quarter italian, most of the songs i sing are latin or italian. i don't know, i catch on very quickly. >> she's not alone. four of the top ten acts are vocalists, but there's also a magicim magician and a cyclist. you can watch "america's got n at 9:00 here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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good morning. i'm ria taormina in for rob. the clouds return along the coast. this afternoon we'll have much cooler temperatures everywhere throughout the bay. especially along the coast. back in the 60s and inland in the 70s. wednesday there will be some cooling, even more so than today and possibly some drizzle. right now 54 in san francisco. 58 in san jose. when we look at noon, things
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will be warming up moderately. 62 in san francisco. 74 in san jose. all the way east, we are nowhere near the 90s like we were yesterday. it will be nice towards the 80s. typical fall weather, today is the first unofficial day of the fall. looking at our seven-day forecast, not bad. cooler tomorrow but then things will be bouncing back for the weekend. the giants still sit a game behind the padres in the race for nl west this morning. but that's not the real story, but the two kids who got hit. buster posey lost control of his bat, whipping it into the stands. he hit a 13-year-old boy, he got a gash on his head. a girl was hospitalized when a foul ball by pablo sandoval hit her in the stands. they are both okay. you see the thumbs up he is giving now. the boy says he is happy it
6:27 am
happened. >> i was saying how he's really good and i like him a lot. he hit me in the head with the bat so i'm honored. >> sorry, buddy. totally accidental, obviously. >> was an interesting experience. >> buster posey was mortified. >> you saw his reaction right here after he lets it go. he sees what happens. both his hands go up on the helmet. he can't believe what he did. >> he felt terrible. i bet that kid is getting a signed bat or something. >> at least. it is 6:27 now. the governor's race is going to heat up today. we'll show you a bit of a new ad hitting the airwaves. and we learn the identity of one of the men killed in the plane crash on the peninsula. and a protest on the 9/niversary of
6:28 am
say this puts our troops in danger.
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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you know the sound, that means the time, 6:30. and the markets are open after a long holiday weekend. and investors want to hear more about the president's plan to turn the economy around. we will check in with scott mcgrew to hear what he thinks. and the man accused of opening fire on a police officer faces a judge today. and we'll show you what happens when they turn the metering lights on and when everybody comes back from labor day vacation. the commute is also on. good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. >> i'm kris sanchez. we want to get to ria taormina with the forecast because it is changing. >> it's getting cooler, 12 to 20 degrees depending on where you
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live, especially inland areas, from 90s yesterday to the 70s. clouds along the coast and cooling continuing after today. mid 50s and 60s in some areas heading out to school and work. we'll see you in a bit with more details. >> thank you very much. a suspected gang member who investigators say admitted too shooting a bay area police officer will be in court today to face charges. christie smith is live in oakland with how much prison time andrew barrientos faces, and what he is saying about the fact that he didn't know he was a police officer. >> reporter: that's what he is saying. the stakes are high here, life in prison if andrew barrientos is convicted of all the charges and enhancements. he is charged with ten felonies including attempted murder. for his part, andrew barrientos admitted shooting the officer
6:32 am
though he says he didn't know the victim was a police officer, that according to oakland investigators. they say the 21-year-old suspected gang member fired ten shots at plain clothes police officers part of a major crimes task force trying to arrest barrientos on a domestic violence warrant. after an intense manhunt he was arrested near the u.s./mexico border. young was shot twice in the pelvis and is still recovering this morning. he has undergone three surgeries and is still recovering this morning. the santa rosa police department is holding a blood drive in officer young's name today. blood donations will be accepted from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and this afternoon at the santa rosa police department. barrientos will appear in superior court in oakland to answer to those charges today at 2:00. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you very much. of course we'll be there waiting to see what happens. we now know the identity of a deadly -- of one of the victims of a dpedly plane crash in redwood city. 73-year-old william heineke of san francisco was killed when the plane he was in went into the redwood shores lagoon. another man and a woman from the bay area were also killed in the plain crash. now to decision 2010. we are 56 days away from election day and the race for governor is starting to heat up. >> as governor he cut waste, got rid of the mansion and the limo, budgets were balanced. 4 billion in tax cuts. jerry brown's ads go on air today. whitman's camp spent $20 million on ads alone.
6:34 am
on october 12th, nbc bay area will carry a debate between jerry brown and meg whitman in what could be a taste of november. tom brokaw will moderate the debate in san rafael. we will start coverage at 6:30 on that night right here on nbc bay area, and on >> the president says he has a new plan to put people to work. president obama wants to spend $50 billion on transportation projects. the money will fix roads, roadways, and railways throughout america. the white house says it is not a stimulus but the idea is similar. the plan will not add to the deficit, but some say people still have not seen the jobs they were promised a year ago. the way that money would be handed out is unusual, scott mcgrew says. >> good morning. instead of letting congress decide where the money will go, congress person would want to spend it in his or her own district what they call pork barrel spending, the decision under the obama plan would be
6:35 am
under a special committee, the president is also proposing a change in the way businesses write off taxes when they make an investment in equipment or research. you are already able to write that off, the president's plan would allow business to write it off faster which is more cash now, which could have a stimulative effect. none of this takes effect until congress approves it. congress is not even in session. looking at the markets here as we have the race for the cure opening the new york stock exchange. the dow is down 34 points. nasdaq down about 6. it is going to be a shortened trading day, trading week, kris, markets were closed yesterday for labor day. iran-cont continues to fighh the world over its nuclear programs. iran stripped two inspectors of
6:36 am
their right to examine the program after they reported what they said were undeclared nuclear experiments. iran's nuclear chief said he asked the u.n. to replace those inspectors, now many are worried that iran is using its nuclear program to make weapons, but iran says that is not the case. the church and pastor among this story are among the top ten cinches. pastor jerry jones is asking to mark 9/11 by burning the koran. the top general in afghanistan, general david petraeus warned this morning that the protest could cause problems across the world. more than 8,000 people are fans of the pastor's page, but they there are also dozens of pages opposed to the protests. hundreds of protesters in kabul burned an effigy of jones yesterday. tonight, in the richmond city council will decide the fate of hundreds of students. this is a live look at kennedy
6:37 am
high, one of three schools on the verge of being shut down. the council will vote on whether to approve $1.5 million for the schools to keep them open. the council will listen to concerns from the public at the meeting tonight it will be at the community services building on civic center plaza in richmond. council members are expected to take up the issue around 8:15. pg&e smartmeters are making headlines again. some people say the devices cause erratic behavior with their other electronics. the "mercury news" says the number of readers have written in saying cordless phones, baby monitors, speakers and wireless head sets get pops and crackles because of the smartmeters. they say security systems and remote garage doors are also effected. pg&e is not commenting. the meters are also accused of causing huge increases in electrical bills. it is 6:37 now. mike inouye is watching the roadways for us this morning trying to get us safe and sound
6:38 am
where we need to be. >> expecting more folks on the road, returning from holiday and a lot of schools are in session. we had a big problem at a hot spot as well, westbound 580. you can see the slowdown approaching the dublin interchange, the accident has cleared from northbound 680. speeds of 45 approaching, but at hacienda, speeds at about 25. good slowing coming through livermore, past highway 84, airway, back to the dublin interchange. yellow all the way through. 22 minutes for that drive through. averaging about 40 miles per hour. slower still, antioch, we told you about that earlier slowing, a street over to summersville, now things are bleeding over to pittsburg and bay point. speeds at 45 at their slowest. watching for continued slowing towards 242 heading through concord as well. the maze moving nicely over towards the bay bridge. 19 or 20 minutes off the
6:39 am
carquinez bridge. the live look out there shows you what things are like. sunol, slowing coming out of sunol, heading around the golf course. this has been happening over the last 15 minutes. holding steadily over the last 10. this slowdown taking effect. no accidents to report, just a slowdown through the construction zone. we'll see that construction clearing september 20th. we'll follow this until that's done. san francisco approach getting into the city, no problems. 280 and 101 out of the city showing slowdowns. golden gate, nice drive coming across from the north bay. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's check in with ria. for those of you getting dressed today, don't base your wardrobe on tod today on what you wore yesterday, one because yesterday was a holiday, but also it's chillier out there. >> things are cooling down 10 to
6:40 am
20 degrees throughout the area. 54 in san francisco. 60 oakland. 58 in san jose. by noon things will be warming moderately. at 62 in san francisco, close to the high. 74 in san jose. things are not going to get much warmer than this. this is part of why. see that system to the north of us? that's bringing some cooler temperatures. it's going to bring some fog and coastal clouds tomorrow and some rain for the afternoon. and you can see the clouds coming into the bay area right now. and things are cooling down today. we will be in the mid to higher 70s, low 60s along the coast. tomorrow it's even cooler. things will be bouncing back up to bring us a nice, crisp fall weekend. not quite fall, but september. >> unofficially fall. >> fall-ish. >> 6:40 is the time. a new answer to the question can money buy you happiness? we'll tell you how much the right answer will cost you. good morning, i'm tracie potts in washington with the fight against fat. are you winning that fight? are you even in the game?
6:41 am
getting it off and keeping it off next. and a night out on the town in san francisco could end up costing you a little bit more money. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to the city and tell you what the board of supervisors has got up their sleeves. and here's a live look at oakland, traffic is picking up, heavier volume, but you will still get where you're going because mike inouye has your traffic report coming up. ria will update us on wecointrd as. g tr well. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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6:43. if you're waking up in richmond, here is a look outside your window as you struggle to get where you're going, whether it's in richmond or anywhere around the bay area, we have you covered. we will talk with mike inouye in a bit. the dieting roller coaster is a crowded ride. just one in six of us who lose weight are actually able to keep it off. tracie potts is live with the news that only is comforting in the fact that at least we're not alone. >> it's a good news/bad news thing this morning. good news, you in the bay area are actually starting off at a better place than many other people in the country. in san francisco, only about 16% of people are considered obese. in some cities it's twice that you're starting off well. according to the new report out of the penn state medical school, they looked at 14,000 dieters and they found for every
6:45 am
six people who lose weight, five of them gain the weight back. only one actually maintains the weight loss. that's the problem with a lot of people for some time. they have the numbers to show it. so who is gaining weight and who is keeping it off? there's certain groups of people according to the researchers who do a getter job of maintaining their weight loss, women, believe it or not, are 10% more likely than men to stay slim once they lost the weight. seniors, who are 75 and older. whites compared to minorities, and people who have less education, those with no high school degree tend to keep the weight off more than people who are highly educated. the government says if he want to maintain weight loss, 60 to 90 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. in washington, i'll tracie potts, nbc bay area news. well, drinking doesn't help so maybe a proposed tax is a good thing. bob redell is live in san
6:46 am
francisco with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what's being considered today in san francisco is not expected to go down as smoothly as an island cold beer, at least with not many bars and restaurants or consumer consumers as well. they s the san francisco board of supervisors is supposed to vote on a surcharge, a 4.5 tax on each six-ounce glass of wine, a 3.5 cent tax on each shot of hard liquor, and a 3 cent tax on each 12 ounce bottle of beer. the expectation is those fees would then be passed on to us and make it more expensive to belly up to a bar or buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store. this new tax would raise $16 million annually. money that would help san francisco recoup the cost associated with alcohol abuse. each year almost $18 million is shelled out to cover unreimbursed er visits, ambulance rides, prevention programs and other costs
6:47 am
associated with taking care of alcoholics. those in the alcohol and hospitality business are opposed to the plan given the tough economy arguing that given an extra alcohol tax would hurt business. the main backer defends the fee. in an e-mail the supervisor wrote according to the chief economist, this fee would increase alcohol by less than 1%, and this would have a minimal impact on the economy. mayor newsom promised to veto any such legislation that comes across his desk, that is assuming there are not eight votes from the board of supervisors. right now there are six or seven supervisors who are thinking of voting for this fee. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right. we'll watch that as it goes down. thank you very much. so, money can buy happiness, apparently, but only to a point. a study by the national academy of sciences studied 450,000
6:48 am
americans over two years, it found people are happier as their income rises. but the euphoria level drops at about $75,000. for those making $100,000 to $200,000, they feel more successful but not necessarily happier. >> one of your favorite websites might drive you nuts today. scott? >> i would ask you, have you been on google today, especially when one of the first things -- >> did you wake up today? have coffee? look for yourself. it's a logo made up of colored balls that gather into the word google. normally when you click on an unusual google logo, you get an explanation, not this time. it's usually like an artist's birthday or something. though, it is arguably google's birthday. all this week you can celebrate goi google's birthday. >> we don't normally talk about the box office on tuesday, but the theaters got an extra day
6:49 am
over the weekend. the american with george clooney was number one. word of mouth on the film was tepid. many thought the long movie was slow-paced. one comment on twitter, george clooney dropped into a european film. slow-moving. if you think you are seeing an action-packed movie, will you be very disappointed. >> about the google thing there are so many search boxes built in, i never go to the google home page. i would never know it was there unless you told me. >> i never see those cute little logos. >> thanks. >> so, we are talking flu shots this morning. might seem early to you, but doctors say this is the right time to roll up your sleeves. we have a pediatrician joining us this morning. dr. hal, you say kids need a little extra time for that vac
6:50 am
keen to cook in their bodies and work. >> yes, their immune system takes a little bit longer to generate the good antibodies to fight off the flu. >> one viewer says she foregoes the vaccine and gets the kids good food, vitamin c and rest. is that enough to stave off the flu? >> it's not. you can save yourself maybe being off work for ten days if you or your children get a bad case of influenza. we don't recommend good luck of not catching it. we strongly recommend everyone get the vaccine. >> this year you said we only need to get one combination shot to be protected from the seasonal strain and the h1n1. last year we had to scramble to get the different vaccines. did that drama hurt the flu vaccine? >> last year children had to get three or four vaccines.
6:51 am
that's tough on them. it's tough on all of us to bring our children in and get vaccinated so often. >> thank you very much, dr. hal. whooping off also a factor this year so talk to your provider about that. the coast guard checking out an unusual call for help this morning. we'll show you where they are looking. plus we will take one last look at ra at yo t auriceaff wna do get you out the door. here is your wake-up look in san jose.
6:52 am
6:53 am
new this morning, coast guard crews will be out at first light trying to track down the woman behind a bizarre distress call in the san francisco bay. crews heard a call from a woman just before 10:00 that was
6:54 am
broken up, but they did hear it ended with ten-four i have a may-day. they zeroed in on the location of the call to an area east of tiburon. the coast guard searched the water from angel island north to the richmond-san rafael bridge overnight. they will start with their helicopter search this morning. the man who shot a fremont police officer will appear in court today. christie smith has what's ahead in court for andrew barrientos. >> reporter: good morning to you. andrew barrientos is charged with ten felonies tied to this shooting of officer young. starting with attempted murder. there is a gang enhancement, even a carjacking charge involved here. if he is convicted on everything, the 20-year-old could get life in prison. investigators say he admitted to shooting the officer but didn't know the victim was, indeed, a police officer. todd young was part of a plainclothes task force trying
6:55 am
to arrest barrientos on a domestic violence warrant. police say barrientos fired ten rounds hitting young twice in the pelvis. the officer is still recovering this morning. barrientos surrendered near the u.s./mexico border. he is expected in court to answer to the charges today at 2:00. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, christy. let's toss it over to mike with a traffic situation brewing in the east bay. >> number of reports this morning of debris near carlson. now we have reports of an accident and debris past carlson and off the san rafael bridge. smoother drive through berkeley and emeryville. about 19 to 20 minutes now and growing as far as the build-up. out of the toll plaza, the back up going over to the 880 overcrossing, sunol, slow drive
6:56 am
on 680. ria, i see the sun coming up. what is that about? >> it will be coming up but not warming us up very much. 58 in san jose. by noon, warming up, but n lo t. ma lot. mainly 70s, not very high today anywhere. things will be cooling down today ten degrees or more, cooling down more tomorrow and some rain possibly in the afternoon. >> thank you very much. >> you think our tv shows are strange? >> here's a clip from youtube. simon cowell's tv show called the x factor, a couple of teens get voted off the show and they turn on the judges. one contestant says who are you? that doesn't go over well with the two. >> oh. >> yeah. there you go. don't you talk about natalie that way. and then -- [ bleep ] the x
6:57 am
factor is apparently coming to america. >> i can't wait. >> i don't know if these young ladies -- >> it will be hosted by jerry springe springer. >> wow. simon cowell said it was rude, that's telling you something. >> just a breaking sports news, yahoo! sports reporting that heisman winner reggie bush is going to be stripped of his heisman trophy at end of the month because of -- they're considering he wasn't eligible because of the violations that got usc in trouble as well. so, looks like by the end of the month he will be stripped of his heisman. first time ever. >> thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring
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